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                 How to Make a Booking

Please tell us more information about your event. If you have a wish list and would like to talk to us about availability, Price or just a 'can you help me with ideas for an act or celebrity and discuss your booking requirements'.

Our team at PRB are highly qualified and experienced. Our aim is to add our expertise and knowledge and always help to work within your own requirements and existing plans. Our website and company is designed and intended for talent buyers, event managers, corporate bookers, event promoters who are interested in contracting headline music/ celebrity artists and support acts,  for live performances at private or corporate functions and shows.  

    Please call us on:

 +44 (0)7530197180

You can call us for an informal chat about your requirements and bookings
      or send us an e-mail to

''We are here to help you to find the best Entertainment and Venue for your show or event and we will use our experience and knowledge to make sure your event will be very successful''

 Make Your Offer Request

Once you have selected your desired Celebrity, Music Act, DJ or Soap Star please download & fill out the 'PRB Media Offer Letter (PDF) below and please provide us with as much information as possible about your event, festival or show and the artist (s) you require and send this document to us via email and we will get right back to you.

Please send the offer letter to;

or send to our postal address;

PRB Media
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Please note we can't list all the clients we work with, but we have put together a fairly Comprehensive listing, Please ask us if your looking for someone specific.