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December 2011

Celebrity News - Marcus Collins to write album with Gary Barlow

We'regonna make beautiful music together
He’s certainly not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, or one of the most successful singer songwriters in the country either for that matter.

And who can blame Marcus Collins, because aside from having a particularly appealing mouth, Gary Barlow’s also got a fairly good track record when it comes to writing songs, singing them and convincing people to part with their hard earned pennies to buy it too. So it’s just as well Marcus and Gary got on so well really, because Mr Take That has agreed to make some beautiful music with the X Factor runner up.

Book a Celebrity or Music Star for your Corporate Event, Product Launch or Show 'How to Guide'

Jennifer Lopez singer and celebrity Actress
PRB Mediais acelebrity & music booking agency.We are one of the leading booking agencies who book high profile entertainmentworldwide. We work with the best and biggest agents, agencies,record companies & labels in the world. Below is some information on how to book a 'Celebrity' or Music Star from PRB Media & other talent agencies.

After booking many celebrities for events & shows for many years as an experienced promoter and agent/ music manager, have you ever read articles or seen on the news that very famous singers such as "Beyonce" have made stage appearances at bat mitzvah's, weddings, Signings and other commonly known "life altering" events.

Mark Wright - Only Way is Essex to make

Mark-Wright-could-make-millions-from-Im-A-CelebrityMark Wright could make a fortune from I'm a Celebrity...

He may not have actually wonI’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, but Mark Wright could still come out on top as a result of the show.

Reports today suggest that the former TOWIE star stands to make millions from ad campaigns and TV work.

It’s claimed he’s being lined up to front Tesco commercials and aftershave campaigns, plus he’s set become a regular fitness and health expert on ITV’s Daybreak and he might sign a deal to co-host a spin-off show for Take Me Out.