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January 2012

BeX playing the Bedford & Troubadour...

BeX is a singer songwriter from the UK, her style covers the Soulful Pop & Country Rock genre, she has been performing from a very young age and has worked and travelled all over the world as a professional Singer, Dancer & Actress.

BeX has developed into be a true professional and an astonishing performer, with her powerful vocal talent, stage presence and with her great passion for song-writing and expressive and creative lyrics she appeal's to a wide range of audiences.

BeX has been guest vocalists on various compilations and releases worldwide, which includes Digital, Radio, TV & Remix Collaborations with Top DJ's in Europe & US.

Bookings for Awards, Eevents & Shows.....

PRB Media 

Thecelebrity & music entertainment booking agency is uniquely equipped to provide clients from a cross-cultural perspective, introducing them to new and exciting opportunities. The organisation works with clients in many segments of the entertainment industry on a global basis. The organisation is uniquely poised to provide the freshest, most suitable talent for your venue or event.

PRB Media was born out of recommendationsby a record executive at Sony & established celebrity agent, who have exclusivity to some of the acts listed on our site

Welcome to 2012..... New Business Year

PRB MediaCelebrity & Music booking agency wish you all a great 2012, this is the first blog of the new year... so enjoy. We are a leading Entertainment booking agency who book high profile celebrity talent and famous music entertainmentfor events worldwide. We work with the top and biggest agents, agencies,record companies in the world.

Withour extensive network, exclusive accessand having booked and worked with some of the biggest names in show business, we are thecelebrity & music booking agency for you.