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How Celebs Can Overcome Embarrassing Media Reports

 How Celebs Can Overcome Embarrassing Media Reports 

PRB Media are releasing the 2nd blog written by Stan Popovich, who is the author of "A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology''. The first blog we released in the series looked at ''how celebrities can manage their personal life''.

Please see below the Second blog we are releasing from Stan, as we discuss '' How Celebs Can Over Come Embarrassing Media Reports''. PRB Media feel this is a very important area to cover.

Britrox TV... Global TV Platform for unsigned artists

Britrox TV is a platform that showcases unsigned artists to a national and international community via online and Television outlets. Its aim is focus purely on original content and utilise the website and public forums to create a publicity and awareness campaign.

So far thousands of unsigned artists from Brazil to Japan have logged in and made references to the brand and with various credible endorsements form Industry professionals Britrox is a brand that will become a global phenomenon in years to come.

Book a Celebrity or Music Star for your Corporate Event, Product Launch or Show 'How to Guide'

Nickelback - Photograph - courtesy of Nick Elliott.

PRB Media is a celebrity & music booking agency. We are one of the leading booking agencies who book high profile entertainment record companies & labels in the world. Below is some information on how to book a 'Celebrity' or Music Star from PRB Media & other talent agencies.

After booking many celebrities for events & shows for many years as an experienced promoter and agent/ music manager, have you ever read articles or seen on the news that very famous singers such as "Beyonce" have made stage appearances at bat mitzvah's, weddings, Signings and other commonly known "life altering" events.

CRAZE Launch Party 6th Nov 2013 - with Exclusive LIVE Performance By Emerging Music Artist BeX & Her Band.

Craze  is a new online fashion company that is excited to celebrate the recent launch of the website. The new platform, which is dedicated to independent fashion, will showcase the best from unique brands and emerging designers from all over the world.Crazeaims to champion independent design and enable fashion lovers to discover and shop unique emerging brands on one platform. It is a one-stop destination to discover, shop and have fun.

Over the past few months Craze has been running a model competition to discover the official ‘Face of Craze’.

How Celebrities Can Manage Their Personal Life And Career

Over the coming weeks PRB Media will be posting a series of Blogs from author Stan Popovich, who is the author of "A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology'' the first blog in the series looks at how celebrities can manage their personal life.

Below are a few suggestions on how celebrities can balance their personal life and their entertainment career. PRB Media feel this is are very important area to cover, as over the years, artist welfare may have not been priority for many reasons.